UMD: geochemical adventures in the Alps

The University of Maryland (College Park) geology department seminar speaker this week is Dr. Lukas Baumgartner from the Institute of Mineralogy and Geochemistry at Lausanne University.

The Friday seminar talk will be held at the usual time and place at 11 am in CSS 2324. The title of Lukas’ talk is: “Garnet growth kinetics, Lu/Hf and Sm/Nd dating, and subduction in the Western European Alps


2 responses to “UMD: geochemical adventures in the Alps

  1. If you get over to this lecture say “Hi” to Lukas for me, Callan. We had offices next door to each other for a few years at Wisconsin. I also went on a couple of death marches with him when I was in grad school.

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