GSW 1448: terroir, Nuvuaggittuq, & faults


Meeting Number 1448

John Wesley Powell Auditorium, Cosmos Club, 2170 Florida Ave NW

Wednesday, February 9,  2011; Refreshments 7:30 pm; Meeting 8:00 pm


Larry Meinert, AAAS GSA/USGS Congressional Fellow — Geology and Wine – The Science of Good Taste.

Jonathan O’Neil, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington — A glimpse of Earth’s primitive crust: The Nuvuaggittuq greenstone belt as a vestige of mafic Hadean crust.

David Shelly, Long Valley and Yellowstone Volcano Observatories U.S.G.S. — Tremor, slow slip, and earthquakes:  Interacting modes of fault slip.


Future meetings: 2011: March 9, 30; April 13, 27; Sept 14; Oct 5; Nov 9;

Dec 14 (Annual Meeting);   Future meetings: 2012: Jan 11.

GSW Website: <>


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