Will Steger at NEA

You are invited to join us for a special event with world renowned polar explorer Will Steger from 4:00 – 5:30 PM on Monday, March 28, 2011.

The event will be held in the Chanin Auditorium at the National Education Association, 1201 16th Street, N.W., Washington, DC.

Even if you were fortunate enough to have heard him at the Ecology and Education Summit last October, you won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to hear his presentation “Eyewitness to Climate Change.”

Eyewitness to Climate Change” is Steger’s vivid account of the changes that he’s witnessed firsthand, caused by climate change pollutants, in Arctic regions over four decades of polar exploration.  Steger shares stunning photographs from his expeditions along with compelling data, satellite imagery, and multimedia videos to document the deterioration in the polar ice caps.  While the issue is critical, and the presentation is dramatic, Steger’s message is one of hope and empowerment.  An understanding of our role in the causes and effects of climate change make this personal.  But as Steger explains, solutions are readily available and by making economically and environmentally smart choices, people can make a difference.

Please send your RSVP to Lucille Smith at LSmith@nea.org with Will Steger in the subject line.

We hope to see you on March 28th.


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