PGS: infrasound & border monitoring

The September 15, 2011 meeting of the Potomac Geophysical Society is in the glassed-in room at the end of the Fife and Drum Dining Room at the Fort Meyer Officer’s Club.  We will order a la carte from the regular menu.  It has not been determined how we will work the fees; we will work that out at the meeting.  Reception at 6:30 (and placing your order) dining till 8:30, at which time we will hear Dr. David E. Norris’ talk.  Please respond to this email if you will attend the meeting, so I can give the Club staff a heads-up on the number of us attending.


A study of the application of tactical infrasound for border monitoring


Dr. David E. Norris
Senior Scientist
Applied Physical Sciences
4301 N. Fairfax Dr., Ste. 310
Arlington, VA 22203


Infrasound is an attractive tactical sensor modality in
border monitoring applications due to its non line-of-sight, long-range
detection capability. Anthropomorphic activity, including impulsive
events such as explosions and continuous events such as vehicle
operation, can be routinely detected over tens of kilometer ranges and
beyond. This study addresses the three main challenges associated with
effectively leveraging infrasound for border monitoring applications:
background noise suppression, source discrimination, and propagation
characterization. Noise suppression can be accomplished through either
a spatial noise filter with a centralized sensor or with a field of
discrete sensors spread over a given area. Discriminating sources of
interest can be accomplished through categorization of signal properties
such as center frequency, bandwidth, and duration. Predicting features
of the propagation drive sensor placement, source localization, and
source classification. At part of this talk, an animated simulation of
the propagation footprint of a representative scenario will be shown,
with the simulation accounting for variable atmospheric conditions that
occur in a given month.


Bob Fraser


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