Job opportunity

LEAP Northern Virginia Residential Energy Services Manager
LEAP‐VA (Local Energy Alliance Program) is a community‐based nonprofit whose mission is to facilitate the
implementation of energy efficient technologies in buildings. LEAP works directly with property owners as well
as stakeholders such as local government and utilities, the real estate community, businesses, and other
nonprofits to help create a sustainable energy future. To that end, LEAP runs energy efficiency programs in for
residential and commercial building sectors in central and northern Virginia, and a low income multifamily
program in central and eastern Virginia.
LEAP’s start‐up funding came from a $500K award to a joint proposal written by the City of Charlottesville and
County of Albemarle from the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA) in June 2009. We are also a
subgrantee under DOE’s BetterBuildings program via SEEA, under SEP via our state energy office, and as prime
recipient under the Weatherization Innovation Pilot Program. Federal grants notwithstanding, our organization
has a mandate to become self‐sustaining. Hence, a critical goal for LEAP is to establish a market‐based approach
to generate income to cover organizational and program expenses.
LEAP facilitates the use of energy audits to determine retrofit opportunities, and we pre‐qualify service
providers to ensure installations meet national standards for quality. LEAP also works with appropriate partners
to create financing products for retrofits, and through our grant awards from DOE we are able to offer
incentives to service providers and building owners to participate in our programs. Lastly, we actively promote
the development of a robust energy efficiency industry in Virginia, as well as energy efficiency as the least cost
option for new power generation.
As an energy services organization, LEAP’s focus is on:
• Building science and energy use behavior
• Putting people to work, revitalizing our local construction industry
• Developing new economic sectors, businesses, and energy efficiency as a resource
The NOVA Residential Energy Services Manager will work in an interdisciplinary, mutually supportive manner
with LEAP staff, local government, and other Alliance partners, to maximize effective delivery of services and
resources to the residential building sector through the management of the NOVA Home Performance with
ENERGY STAR program. This person will be responsible for recruiting contractors for HPwES, Quality
Assurance, and the reporting required by the DOE and our State Energy Program (SEP) grant, which funds this
position. Reports to the Executive Director.
Bachelors Degree and energy efficiency certification, such as Building Performance Institute Building Analyst,
Work Experience:
 Three to five years’ experience managing energy efficiency programs or three to five years’ experience
selling or managing projects in the fields of residential home construction, and/or HVAC.
 Three to five years’ business management and/or real estate marketing experience. Strong oral and written
skills; ability to provide detailed instruction, presentations and interaction with contractors and customers.
 Residential energy efficiency technical, program, and financial expertise including familiarity with efficiency
technologies, building codes, applied building science, and marketing energy efficiency solutions to
contractors and homeowners.
 Experience in developing and maintaining client relations.
 Excellent computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite and experience with database systems.
 Excellent and well developed managerial, interpersonal, reporting, and communication skills.
 Understanding of sales tools and sales cycle involved in moving homeowners through the education and
decision‐making process involved in energy retrofit work
Primary Skills:
 Self‐directed, effective communicator and presenter, program marketing and time management skills, and a
creative problem‐solver;
 Strong understanding of energy policy issues, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs, Building
Performance Institute standards and protocols, and energy efficient technologies;
 Significant project management experience, including assignment and monitoring of
contractors/subcontractors and reporting on work;
 Ability to conduct thorough, certified energy audits of residential buildings, prepare retrofit
recommendations, and perform test out audits for quality assurance purposes;
 Ability to work within a multi‐layered team, in a fast past setting, and to take initiative while maintaining
reporting integrity.
Job Responsibilities:
 Develop strong, cooperative contractor network through outreach, technical training, and ongoing support.
 Directly oversee (monitor and evaluate) energy auditors and energy service contractors/subcontractors.
 Implement quality assurance inspection processes and procedures.
 Develop and maintain relationship with program partners, promoting awareness of current guidelines,
incentives and requirements.
 Provide excellent client service through on‐time and accurate completion tasks.
 Develop and produce, monthly, quarterly, and annual and ad hoc reports as required and requested by
grantors, HPwES, and LEAP.
 Develop real estate professional network participation in alignment with program goals and growth.
 Support homeowners in completing self‐installation of energy saving projects, in alignment with program
 Provide direct program supervision and liaison to contractors participating in exclusive incentive tracks.
 Assist in implementing strategic marketing plan for HPwES throughout the LEAP service territory in NOVA in
collaboration with LEAP’s Marketing and Outreach Director.
 Work closely with local workforce and community college, Technical Advisory Committee, the contracting
community, and other stakeholders in the design, development, and implementation of contractor training
and workforce development.
 Through meetings, presentations, seminars and networking, create interest among neighborhood
organizations, community based groups, and individual residents to participate in LEAP and its Home
Performance with ENERGY STAR program.
 Other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Director in order to carry out LEAP’s mission.
Position will be located in Northern Virginia. Salary and benefits package will be competitive and commensurate
with qualifications of successful applicant. Health and dental provided. LEAP is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
All qualified candidates may apply by sending a cover letter and resume to Cynthia Adams, Executive Director of
the Local Energy Alliance Program, at cynthia@leap‐ Closing Date for applications is Nov. 21, 2011.


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