GSW fall field trip! “Geology and Wines of Northern Virginia”

GSW Fall Field Trip

Geology and Wines of Northern Virginia

Saturday October 27, 2012

Led by Bill Burton, Dan Doctor, and Dave Weary, USGS

The French concept of terroir states that the taste and bouquet of wines are a product of the setting in which the grapes are grown, including climate, terrain, and soils­, with geology having a strong influence over the latter two.  We will be testing this concept with a tour of two Virginia wineries located in two distinctively different geologic settings.  The leaders will describe the geology of each vineyard, and the answer to the question “Does terroir affect the taste of Virginia wines?” will be provided by the discriminating palates of the participants.  The wineries to be visited are Hume, in the mostly granitic Blue Ridge geologic province, and North Mountain, in the mostly carbonate Shenandoah Valley.  Transportation will be by Reston Limousine, and the cost per person for this 7-hour trip will be $40 (includes a “modest” driver gratuity).  There will also be small additional costs ($5-$6 per person) for tasting fees at each vineyard.  You can bring your own picnic lunch, or purchase food on the premises.

This trip is limited to 25 people.  If interested, please email Bill Burton as soon as possible (  Spots will be reserved upon receipt of payment; details on how to pay will be provided in a reply email.   If we get people on a waiting list, we can make arrangements with Reston Limo for additional transportation; cost per person for this will depend on number of people and size of vehicle.

Meeting time and place:  The trip begins and ends in the parking lot of the USGS National Center, 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA.  We will board a 25-passenger minibus at 10 AM and return at 5 PM.

There are FIVE spaces still open for this trip. If you want one, please email Bill Burton at as soon as possible.


One response to “GSW fall field trip! “Geology and Wines of Northern Virginia”

  1. Gods, I wish Sue & I had time for this! But we are closing on our house that week, then the joy of moving (which I know you can appreciate!) Hope they run this again sometime.

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