Digital speed dating at GSA-Charlotte

Good afternoon,

As you may have heard, we have organized a novel type of Pardee Keynote Symposium at GSA this year, entitled “Digital Geology Speed Dating.” On Monday morning, Nov. 5, groups of participants will sit at one of seven tables in the digital poster area of the main poster hall, which are equipped with flat screens and other hardware, and watch a demonstration of digital geology technology. Each demonstration will last for a little under 30 minutes, after which participants will speed on (rotate) to the next table. The topics (and presenters) are:

1. Digital Field Work: Equipment, Methods, and Our Experience…(Terry Pavlis, Steve Whitmeyer)
2. Zooming in on Geology with GigaPans…(Callan Bentley, Jen Piatek, Ron Schott)
3. Digital Map Apps…(Jeff Ryan, Chris Condit)
4. Using Google Earth and KML as a Geologist…(John Bailey, Mladen Dordevic)
5. Google Earth in your Web Browser…(Declan De Paor, Arman Frasier)
6. 3D SketchUp Models…(Paul Karabinos, Ronan Hennessy)
7. Virtual Field Trips and Tours….(Rich Treves, Chuck Bailey)

To reserve a participant seat, please go to <>  and click on the sign-up link. Doubtless there will be folks casually drifting around and observing from afar, but participants that register in advance get a guaranteed seat at each speed-dating table, direct interaction with presenters, and copies of session materials and teacher resources. We are hoping this new approach will be as beneficial as a pre or post meeting workshop or short course without requiring the extra time before or after the conference.

Note that we were originally charging a nominal fee to be a direct participant, but we determined that collecting fees was too much logistical trouble and not really necessary from a budgetary standpoint. So, participation is now FREE, but seats are limited and will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. So, we suggest that it would be advantageous to register in advance if you are interested in participating in this new style of Pardee symposium.

Hoping to see you on Monday morning – Steve Whitmeyer, Declan De Paor, John Bailey


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