GSW #1466: Idaho batholith, acid mine drainage, Mineral earthquake

Geological Society of Washington, Meeting Number 1466
Wednesday, 14 Nov. 2012
Richard M. Gaschnig, University of Maryland
Age and origin of the Idaho batholith, U.S. Cordillera
Melanie D. Szulczewski, University of Mary Washington
One hundred years of contamination: Impacts of acid mine drainage on a Virginia ecosystem
J. Wright Horton, U.S. Geological Survey
The magnitude 5.8 Virginia earthquake: What are we learning?
Refreshments at 7:30 PM; Formal program at 8:00 PM
John Wesley Powell Auditorium, 2170 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, DC
Upcoming Meetings:
Dec. 19th, 2012,
Jan. 9th, Jan. 23rd, Mar. 13th, Apr. 10th, Apr. 24th, May 8th, 2013
GSW website:


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