Research opportunities for undergraduates

Research Internship Opportunities for Undergraduates in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences:


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1.  National Science Foundation supported Research Experiences for Undergraduates


The National Science Foundation supports many research opportunities for undergraduates.  To search for one in your field of interest, please go to:


2. The Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) is offering two summer research internship programs:


Undergraduate Studies in Earthquake Information Technology (UseIT):


An 8-week team-based undergraduate research program that allows students to work in multi-disciplinary collaborative teams to tackle a scientific “Grand Challenge” where they use the advanced tools of information technology to solve important problems in interdisciplinary earthquake research. Learn more about the UseIT program and Grand Challenges at:


Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SCEC-SURE):


An 8-10 week program that pairs a student, one-on-one, to conduct research with an earthquake scientist or specialist. Many SURE interns also have the opportunity to work alongside graduate students and post-doctoral researchers and thus gain the special perspective of these early career professionals.


Priority application deadline for both programs is 25 February 2013


Apply to UseIT and SURE at:


Questions? Send a message to:


3. Research Internship in Seismology and Geophysics –IRIS Undergraduate Internship Program


Are you a physics, geoscience or math major interested in working in on an exciting Earth science project?  If so, consider applying to the IRIS Undergraduate Internship Program.  Research projects vary annually but include the full spectrum of seismological specialties… earthquakes and hazards at the crust, to deep Earth studies of the core. Projects may also involve the deployment of seismic instruments in the field (within the US or internationally) and/or analyses of seismic data in a lab setting. The ultimate goal of each project is to produce results for presentation at a national scientific meeting. Participants receive high-quality mentoring, experience communicating their research to a broad audience, the development of a rich peer community, and opportunities to explore career paths in seismology.

Benefits include assistance locating housing, a competitive weekly stipend, travel and lodging at the orientation week, travel to and from your summer research location, funding for all field costs, and full funding to present your research at the 2013 Fall AGU meeting.


Apply your knowledge. Explore your future. Contribute to science.


Application Deadline: Feb. 1, 2013.


4. Research Internship in Climate and Weather –SOARS Program


SOARS is a summer research internship for students interested in the atmospheric and related sciences at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (Boulder, CO). The program provides summer research, strong mentoring and community support.


Students from many disciplines, including meteorology, geography, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, ecology, and the social sciences are invited to apply their expertise to understanding the Earth’s Atmosphere and to use that understanding to improve life on Earth. In particular, SOARS seeks to involve students from groups that are historically under-represented in the sciences, including Black or African-American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Hispanic or Latino, female, first-generation college students and students with disabilities. SOARS welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students; students who have experienced, and worked to overcome, educational or economic disadvantage and/or have personal or family circumstances that may complicate their continued progress in research careers.


Benefits in the summer include a competitive wage, housing, and travel to / from Boulder; as well as funding for conferences, undergraduate and graduate education throughout the year. Application deadline: Feb 1. To apply, please go to


5. Research Experiences in the Solid Earth Sciences for Students  -RESESS Internship Program


RESESS is an 11-week paid internship program based in Boulder, Colorado, in which interns do research on a project of interest to them with a scientist at the University of Colorado, the U.S. Geological Survey, or UNAVCO.  Topics include geology, geomorphology, hydrology, seismology, paleoclimatology, glaciology,  geophysics, geodesy and more. The program includes a writing class, mentoring,  field trips, and a supportive community. RESESS provides travel to Boulder, housing, a competitive salary, and a partial scholarship


for the following academic year. This program is intended to increase diversity in the geoscience workforce by supporting students from underrepresented groups on their path to graduate school, and encourages applications from Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and disabled Americans.  Please go to our APPLY and FAQ pages for more information.


Application Deadline: Feb. 1.


To apply, please go to:



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