NOVA/TNCC Regional Field Geology of the Northern Rockies, 2013

This summer, Callan Bentley (NOVA-Annandale) and Pete Berquist (Thomas Nelson Community College) will again be leading a 2-week field course examining the geology of the Northern Rocky Mountains, USA. Dates will be June 29 to July 14, 2013. The trip will begin and end in Bozeman, Montana. Travel will be in two large vans, and accommodations will be a mix of dormitory residence (at Montana State University, Bozeman for 6 days) and camping (8 days). The class will also gather for two pre-trip meetings on weekend evenings in June. The class is 4 academic credits and counts as a lab science. A full itinerary, a packing list, and many more details are available on the course website:


GOL 295: Western Montana and Wyoming showcase tectonic, sedimentary, geomorphic, and volcanic features which provide world-class examples of geologic processes. Students in this course will complete field studies of locations in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, as well as several other field sites. The course will involve VERY STRENUOUS outdoor physical activity: Students are expected to hike several miles at high elevations in rough mountainous terrain in order to accomplish course objectives. Airfare, lodging, transportation, & some group supplies are covered in the $1400 course fee (covers airfare, transportation, and lodging, but does NOT include tuition or food). Food will be bought and prepared in small (3-5 person) food groups.

The course is designed for intermediate-level geology students, but smart, enthusiastic beginners are also welcome.

If you are interested in more details about this class, contact Callan Bentley via email ( ) or phone (703) 323-3276

Auditing NOVA classes is easy. Seniors actually get a tuition waiver – but PLEASE NOTE the physical fitness requirements if you’re considering that.


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