CMMFC: John Wolf Memorial Fossil Trip

The Calvert Marine Museum Fossil Club has received the kind permission of SR Smith to collect petrified wood in his fields in Odessa, Delaware, on Saturday, March 16.  We would like to invite other fossil clubs to join us for this John Wolf Memorial Fossil Trip.  We will be collecting across the road from the classic site, now lost to the new schools.

Our meetup place will be the park & ride in Middletown, DE, on DE-299 just west of DE-1.    There is a Wawa right across the highway at 690 Middletown Odessa Road, Middletown, DE 19709,  and you can use the Wawa to make your map on MapQuest, etc.

Meetup time will be 9:15 the plan is to pull out of the park & ride by 9:30 and to stay at the site until about 3:00.   Signup by email to the CMMFC trip leader soon and not later than the Thursday before the trip, .  You can reach Bob by cell, 410-533-4203.


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