Geology tour at Doukenie Winery

The Washington Post reminds us this morning of the monthly “A Taste of Science” tours at Doukenie Winery near Hillsboro, Virginia.


Geology tour at Virginia winery

Doukenie Winery, Saturday, April 6

A popular descriptor among oenophiles is “terroir,” a French term that literally means soil and is used to denote a “sense of place,” or the effects of a local environment on how a wine tastes.

The influences on terroir are varied and include natural conditions such as soil quality, climate and surrounding crops as well as man-made choices regarding grape type, fertilizer and fermentation technique. It’s a complex, nuanced concept, one that experts say is best understood by tasting.

Wine lovers in the Washington area will get the opportunity to experience this interplay of science and flavor during “A Taste of Science” at Virginia’s Doukenie Winery on April 6.

Staff naturalist Leanne Wiberg will lead a geology tour of the winery, located in Loudoun County, and talk about how the rocks and soil of the Blue Ridge region affect wine produced there. The tours will be offered at 11 a. m. and 3 p.m., with each followed by a wine tasting. The cost is $15, free for the winery’s club members. Call 540-668-6464 for reservations.


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