“Snowball Earth” at Fort Valley Library Lyceum

The Fort Valley Library is pleased to announce our May Lyceum presentation. Our speaker is Callan Bentley, Assistant Professor of Geology at Northern Virginia Community College.

Prof. Bentley’s talk is entitled “Snowball Earth”.  During a massive planetary ice age that occurred 700 million years ago, ice stretched from Earth’s poles to the equator and the resulting climate change switched the planet from domination by microbial slime to an oxygenated place with the very first animal fossils. Three sites in Virginia record this extraordinary tropical-latitude glaciation, which was only ended when volcanic activity induced global warming. As Prof. Bentley will explain, it’s a big story, a true scientific controversy, and a compelling brain-stretcher of a tale that will make us think about connections between climate, plate tectonics, weathering of rock, animal evolution, and ocean circulation.

Please join us on Saturday, Mayy 25th, at the Fort Valley Library and Community Center, 6190 Woodstock Tower Road, Fort Valley, VA 22652 (540-933-6714).

(From Rt. 675, take Rt. 678 (Fort Valley Road) north to Detrick. At the Post Office in Detrick, turn left onto Woodstock Tower Rd. The Community Center is 0.5 miles on the left.
From Rt. 55, take Rt. 678 south and turn right onto Woodstock Tower Rd. The Community Center is 0.5 miles on the left.)

The presentation will begin at 10 AM. Refreshments will be available at 9:30 AM and after the presentation.

The public service announcement is attached.

For further information, contact:
John Proudman
(540) 933-6514


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