Geologic techniques courses (new) at NOVA

Now is the time to register for the Geologic Techniques Courses that are being offered this summer. These one credit courses introduce you to the techniques used by professional geologists. Knowledge and skills provided through these courses will give you hands-on experience and insight that will help you land an internship or employment position in geology.  Please see the attached flyer.  The first course in Sediment Grain Size Analysis begins this week!

Here are the course descriptions for the first three courses being offered on the Loudoun Campus:

Grain Size Analysis:  This course introduces students to sediment analysis.  It provides hands-on practical experience on how to process and analyze sediment samples in order to determine depositional environment.  Students will learn how to sample, wet sieve, dry sieve, pipette and interpret the data.

Four Week

PREREQUISITE:  GOL-105 or an equivalent course is recommended.

Micropaleontology Techniques:  Provides hands-on techniques for extracting microfossils from a variety of rock types.  Focuses on basic knowledge of microfossil types and their environment of deposition, the correct method needed to obtain sample specimens, and basic data graphing techniques.  Prerequisites: It is recommended that the student has completed GOL 106 or an equivalent historical geology course.

Four Week

Prerequisites: It is recommended that students have completed GOL 106 or an equivalent historical geology course

Core Description:  This course instructs students in the fundamental techniques involved in rock core and sediment collection and description. The student will learn the basic collection methods for subsurface rock and sediment samples, how to identify pertinent features of the samples for various types of geological investigations, and protocols for storage and management of the samples.

Two Week

It is strongly recommended that students have  completed GOL105 or an equivalent physical geology course before enrolling in this class.

Check Loudoun and Annandale Summer course schedules
Each course is worth 1 credit
All require GOL 105 (or equivalent) as prerequisite
Hard Rock Techniques requires GOL 207 (or equivalent) as prerequisite



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