PGS: Virginia uranium

The September, 2013, meeting of the Potomac Geophysical Society will be held September 19th at the Fort Myer Officers’ Club in Arlington, VA ( in the Glassed-in room in the Fife and Drum (main dining room).

Joseph G. Aylor, Jr., Ph.D., C.P.G. Chief Geologist, Virginia Uranium Inc.

Joseph G. Aylor, Jr. received a BA in geology from the University of Virginia in 1970 and an MS in geology from Arizona State University in 1973. Dr. Aylor’s work in uranium exploration and in mines began in 1973, working for Pechiney, Ugine, Kuhlmann, Inc. and Minatome Corp. From 1977 to 1984, he worked for Phillips Petroleum Company in uranium exploration in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, and South Dakota. Other work included mineral exploration for tungsten, gold, and silver.

In 1994, Dr. Aylor obtained his PhD in geology from Florida State University. From 1996 to 2007 he worked in the environmental services field for Batta Environmental Associates, Inc., WIK, Inc., Brightfields, Inc. and ECS, LLC. Environmental work included Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, petroleum tank spill remediation, and design and supervision of asbestos removal. In 1998 Dr. Aylor obtained his PG by ASBOG from a Pennsylvania examination and reciprocated it in Virginia, Delaware and North Carolina.

In May 2007, Dr. Aylor became the Chief Geologist in program management for Virginia Uranium, Inc. He helped coordinate the re-drilling for confirmation NI-43-101 reports at the Coles Hill uranium site located in Chatham, Virginia. In addition, he has coordinated all of the on-site baseline monitoring and research studies currently in progress.

Abstract:  Since 1982, Virginia has had in place a moratorium on uranium mining. In light of the potential economic benefit to Virginia, the Coal and Energy Commission initiated a re-evaluation to lift the uranium mining moratorium and commissioned a National Academy of Sciences study issued on December 19, 2011 and also commissioned a socio-economic study completed on November 29, 2011, by Chmura Economics & Analytics. Research Triangle Institute, ORI, and Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University also completed socio-economic studies. Of special interest today is the Governor’s directive by executive order of January 19, 2012 when the Uranium Working Group (UWG) was established to draft a regulatory framework for uranium mining at Coles Hill in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. On November 30, 2012, the Wright Environmental, Inc. report for UWG established a “draft statutory proposal and conceptual regulatory framework” for the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, and the Virginia Department of Health. In early 2013 a bill to formally write regulations was not introduced, so it will be re-introduced in the next Legislative session.


Meeting Room and Dining Arrangements: We now meet in the glassed-in room at the back of the main dining room—The Fife and Drum. We order individually from the Club menu, which has a nice variety of dinner offerings. We pay a single bill (I pay it with my Officers Club credit card), so we collect at least $25 from each diner with the agreement, that if one orders more than $20 in food and drink, he adds the amount over $20 to his contribution. The $5 overcharge goes to the Room Fee, Tax, Gratuity, and the Speaker’s Dinner. We collect on the Honor System. We did this throughout the last year, and it worked well. This room change and use of the menu have greatly reduced the loss that we have incurred in the past for having fewer than 20 people dining, and the change has preserved the viability of using the Officers Club for our meetings.

Reception at 6:00. Order Dinner at 7:00. Talk at 8:30 PM. Please note that the meal orders will be taken at 7:00. Allow 15 minutes for security entering Ft. Myer as all civilian vehicles are searched. To ensure access to and from Fort Myer use the Hatfield Gate, open 24 hours a day ( Reservations are not necessary, however, we need a head count, so, if you wish to attend dinner ($25), please inform Bob Fraser at 540-888-3001 or via E-mail at If you wish, please feel free to attend the talk without dinner. Non-members and guests are welcome. Visit the PGS web site at for new meeting announcements, etc. Please send changes of address or email to


2 responses to “PGS: Virginia uranium

  1. Ms. Bentley, from where did you get this information the information in your post which states, “In early 2013 a bill to formally write regulations was not introduced, so it will be re-introduced in the next Legislative session.”

    Please elaborate.

    • Hi there,
      First off, it’s Mr., not Ms.
      Second, this is just re-posting an email from the Potomac Geophysical Society. It’s not material that I’ve authored. So I’d advise you to contact the speaker with your detail-oriented questions. He’s the expert, not me.
      Best of luck,

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