Science writing (volcanoes) through history

All Students, Staff and Faculty are cordially invited to a Science Seminar

Friday, October 25, 2013, CE Theater

12 noon – 1pm

Title “Here Comes the Boom: Scientific Writing throughout History…
with Volcanoes! “


Dr. Art Schuhart, English, NOVA Faculty

11:30 – 11:55  Light Refreshments and Meet & Greet the Speaker in the Lower Gallery

Abstract: This seminar will highlight the integral, and often unacknowledged, role of writing in the conduct of all branches of Science. Using examples of writing about volcanoes from throughout scientific history, we will see how writing and science have evolved together since the Classical Age, why scientific writing is written the way it is, and how writing enables the creation of the modern scientific enterprise. Though an often overlooked part of the young scientist’s education, it is nonetheless true that a successful scientific career depends upon the ability to write with competence and confidence.

Dr. Art Schuhart holds a Doctor of Arts in Community College Education from George Mason University. His dissertation focused on science rhetoric, that branch of Composition that studies the language and rhetorical process of scientific communication. He designed and teaches the new VCCS course “English 114: Scientific Writing.” He is an avid Science Fiction fan, and also teaches “Survey of Science Fiction Literature” on the Annandale campus, a class that all students agree is the best class ever in the history of human civilization.

Presented by the Science Seminar Committee, Math, Science & Engineering Division, and the Lyceum, Annandale Campus, NOVA


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