GSW 1448: a special meeting in honor of E-an Zen

Special meeting, in honor of E-an Zen

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Daniel Doctor, USGS Reston

Title: Introduction to E-an Zen Career

Jane Hammarstrom, USGS Reston

Title: The Zen of Granites

Karen Prestegaard, University of Maryland

Title: Hiking and Thinking: Zen Studies in Geomorphology

Nicholas Ratcliffe, USGS Reston

Title: De Stratorvm Ordine, Terrae Geologica Forma……. in Parte Avstralis Regionis Taconicae. “The Taconics Zen to Now”


Refreshments at 7:30 PM; Formal program at 8:00 PM

John Wesley Powell Auditorium, 2170 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, D.C.

Upcoming Meetings:

November 19th, December 10th, 2014; January 07, 2015

GSW website:


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