GMU geology seminars, spring 2015

This spring semester the geology program at George Mason University will have 7 Geology Seminars.  The seminar schedule is listed below:


Speaker                                                                                                    Talk title or subject
28-Jan​ Bill Burton, USGS                        ​
“Searching for the fault:  Geologic investigations in the epicentral region of the Aug. 23, 2011 Mineral, Virginia earthquake”
11-Feb Scott Southworth, USGS
subject: the Blue Ridge
25-Feb Carlos Peredo, MS candidate, GMU
“An analysis of marine mammal generic diversity across major ocean regions across the Cenozoic”
18-Mar Jared Marske, Postdoctoral fellow, Carnegie Institute
tentative talk subject: geochemistry of Hawaiian basalts
2-Apr Douglas Howard, USGS                                                                                      talk subject: catastrophic outflow channels on Mars OR jokulhlaups on Iceland
15-Apr GMU senior thesis presentations: J. Culpepper, S. Fabian, B. Nunez
general talk subjects: coastal geomorphology/stratigraphy of Assateague Island
29-Apr GMU senior thesis presentations: C. Green, J. Benefield, T. Vomocil
talk subjects: 3D strain across the Blue Ridge; Structural geology of ductile shear zones, Harcuvar Mtns., AZ; Brittle faulting in in the South Mtns., Phoenix

All of these seminars will take place at 4:30 pm in Exploratory Hall 3301.  Note that all are on a Wednesday, except for the April 2 seminar, which is on a Thursday.

These talks are open to the public.


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