Fossil hunting trips this spring

Signup with Bob Ertman by email at , sooner rather than later (please include cell phone number).  Detailed directions at signup.  Bob’s cell is 410-533-4203 but email is better.

Odessa, DE.  This is a John Wolf Memorial Trip.
Saturday, March 19, 2016.  Meetup  9:45-10:00 AM.  We’ll move on to the farm in Odessa to walk the fields and collect petrified wood (cypress from the Pleistocene, probably 1.5-2 million years old. No special equipment is necessary; in fact, you should leave your tools at home so that we do not do anything to cause erosion on this no-till farm.  Here’s a link to a nice write up about one of our trips to a nearby site:

Purse State Park
Sunday, June 5, 2016.  Meetup at 11:30 AM (low tide a little after noon).  Aquia formation (Late Paleocene, about 60 million years ago). This site is on the Potomac River in Charles County, MD. Best known for internal molds of the gastropod Turritella sp. (more than you can carry out); occasional crocodile, ray, shark teeth (Otodus sp., and Striatolamia sp.) and petrified wood (also some nice specimens of jasper and other minerals). Access to the site requires a moderate hike through the woods, and sometimes rather strenuous hiking and climbing over trees along the water’s edge (there were no problems when we were there in June). Collecting is mostly by beachcombing along the riverbank; screening may be productive (it’s a long hike for a wood-frame screen; if you want to screen a kitchen colander would be better). Take a look at what you can find:  And some examples of the petrified wood can be found here: The wood is not from local deposits but was carried down river by ice rafts, formed when the river froze solid all the way down to the bed. It’s older, harder, and shinier than the petrified wood we find near Odessa.

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