2016 VGFC: Cenozoic geology along the York & Piankatank Rivers

2016 Conference

Cenozoic Geology and Paleontology along the York and Piankatank rivers

Karen Layou, J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College

Rowan Lockwood, College of William & Mary

Rick Berquist, Virginia Division of Geology and Mineral Resources

Pete Berquist, Thomas Nelson Community College

Friday, October 7 – Saturday, October 8, 2016

hosted by the Department of Geology, College of William & Mary

This year’s field trip will focus on Cenozoic geology and paleontology along the York and Piankatank rivers in the eastern Virginia Coastal Plain.  The field trip, which will be based at William & Mary, will be led by Karen Layou, Rowan Lockwood and Rick Berquist.  We will examine the Haven Beach marsh deposits that are being overstepped by the beach as a result of active marine transgression.  We will also visit Holland Point on the Piankatank River to see a dated oyster reef at the base of the Elsing Green Alloformation.  The Mitchem pit is also on the itinerary.  Here, we will see Tabb-Sedgefield spit sands over bay-bottom muddy sands of Sedgefield (or the newly named Elsing Green Formation) with assemblages of Mercenaria and numerous other shells.

Last but not least we will visit the York River State Park fossil cliffs where we will see the intriguing contact between the Yorktown-Eastover formations.  We may even have a drilling demonstration at the Visitor’s Center for those who are interested.

2016 Conference


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