Holtz on “Paranormal Geology” at NSF HQ

“Hollow Earth, Sunken Continents, and a World Made of Plankton? A Look at Paranormal Geology” at 1:30 p.m. on January 14 at the National Science Foundation, Room 110, 4201 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington. (Use the Ballston-MU Metro stop; enter NSF from the corner of 9th St. N. and N. Stuart St.)

A description of his talk: “The public is familiar with pseudoscientific interpretations of biology (Creationism, cryptozoology, etc.) and astronomy (astrology, UFO abductions, etc.), but all sciences have their pseudo-versions. There have been various pseudo-geologies proposed over the centuries: interpretations of the structure and composition of the Earth radically at odds with our current understanding. Among these are ideas that the Earth is hollow (various configurations, including a notable one where we are on the inside of curve!), sunken continents (Atlantis, Lemuria, and beyond), and a truly bizarre idea that all physical matter on Earth was once alive. Some of these ideas were proposed in a scientific context, but have survived in various circles long after their refutation. Dr. Holtz will examine the origins, beliefs, and fates of these alternate Earth interpretations.”

Sponsored by National Capital Area Skeptics, the event is free and open to the public. For further information, visit:


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