USGS: Martinez on energy resource impacts

Mendenhall Postdoctoral Research Seminar

Cericia Martinez, USGS – Denver, CO

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 – 12 Noon

Via WebEx and National Center, Room 3A409

Quantifying potential future impacts of energy resource development

Development of continuous energy resources (often referred to as “unconventional”) is anticipated to continue expanding in the future. In an effort to anticipate and inform natural resource management questions and conservation strategies in areas where oil and gas extraction may occur, a Powell Center Working Group proposed a modeling framework for assessing potential development impacts.  In this Mendenhall presentation, an implementation of the framework will be presented that seeks to quantify the potential impacts of developing continuous oil or gas resources based on information within the USGS petroleum assessments. An illustration of the modeling approach will be shown building from a recent assessment of oil and gas resources in the Mancos Shale in the Piceance Basin of Western Colorado. The illustration will include examples of modeling potential habitat conversion and soil loss.

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