UMD: Kelsey Young on The Integration of Field Portable Instruments into Planetary Surface Exploration

2017 University of Maryland Geology Colloquium Series

Friday, September 22nd 2017 at 3:00 pm
in PLS 1130

Kelsey Young
NASA/Jacobs Technology Inc.

The Integration of Field Portable Instruments into Planetary Surface Exploration

While the six Apollo lunar surface missions were successful in returning samples to Earth and developing a better understanding of lunar geologic history, the next generation of crewed planetary surface exploration will seek to develop a deeper understanding of the Inner Solar System. New and higher-resolution technology will enable future human crews to rapidly and in real-time collect and interpret geochemical and geophysical data, whether it is on the Moon, Mars, or an asteroid. These technologies not only have applications in planetary exploration but also in industry and mining, as any in situ tool rapidly increases the rapid and real-time capabilities of the user. This flexibility is crucial in instrument development, as any crew member will seek to deploy these technologies in a number of different capacities during long-duration spaceflight. This presentation focuses on the multiple uses of field portable instrumentation, its incorporation into NASA operational field tests, and how ongoing field campaigns seek to evaluate the operational concepts for using in situ analytical capabilities in future exploration.

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