Paleontological Society of Washington November seminar

The Paleontological Society of Washington

7:00 pm, Wednesday, November 15

National Museum of Natural History, Constitution Ave. entrance

An Amateur’s Collection of Corals from the North East DC Area

Christopher Hough

Member, Paleontological Society of Washington

From the Coastal Plain to the eastern edge of the Tectonic Plate(s) of Eastern North America, an amateur’s collection of marine invertebrate fossils tells an intriguing natural history that we all pass every day on our way to work. Taking advantage of the well –eroded stream beds of northeastern DC area and the foresight of the National Area Park and Planning Commission to preserve them as they are, I have collected a sampling of corals spanning the late Pre-Cambrian to the late Cretaceous. Though the collection is spotty from the perspective of diversity, it tells an interesting story of what went on during that time.

Non-Smithsonian visitors will be escorted from the Constitution Ave. entrance of the NMNH to the Q?rius auditorium at 6:50 and 6:55 p.m. Society members will host the speaker for dinner at the Elephant & Castle (1201 Pennsylvania Ave.) prior to the meeting. Members may meet at the restaurant or inside the Constitution Ave. entrance of the NMNH at 5:00 and walk to the restaurant as a group. Parking is available in the west side parking lot of the NMNH.

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