January 17, 2018 Paleontological Society of Washington meting announcement

The Paleontological Society of Washington

7:00 pm, Wednesday, January 17

National Museum of Natural History, Constitution Ave. entrance

Dawn and Early Morning of the Reptiles: New Discoveries, New Mysteries.

Adam Pritchard

Peter Buck Postdoctoral Fellow, National Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian Institution

The three great lineages of reptiles appeared in the Permian and Triassic Periods, over 200 million years ago. The earliest stages of the evolution of archosaurs (dinosaurs, crocodylians), lepidosaurs (lizards, snakes), and turtles remain shrouded in mystery. New research, combining traditional paleontology and computer imaging, reveal an amazing diversity of small-bodied Triassic reptiles, including species with beaked, bird-like skulls; over-developed jaw muscles for powerful bites; and giant claws for digging. However, new studies of family relationships among the earliest reptiles suggest that long gaps remain in the fossil record and that much of reptilian history remains locked in the Earth.

Non-Smithsonian visitors will be escorted from the Constitution Ave. entrance of the NMNH to the Q?rius auditorium at 6:50 and 6:55 p.m. Society members will host the speaker for dinner at the Elephant & Castle (1201 Pennsylvania Ave.) prior to the meeting. Members may meet at the restaurant or inside the Constitution Ave. entrance of the NMNH at 5:00 and walk to the restaurant as a group. Parking is available in the west side parking lot of the NMNH.


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