GSW 1527: Locatelli, Wesson, Bensi: fossilization, Darwin, hazards

The 1527th meeting of the Society will be on
Wednesday, February 7, 2018
featuring :

Emma Locatelli, U.S. State Department (formerly Yale)
It’s not just rust: biofilm-mediated clays help preserve fossil leaves

Robert Wesson, USGS (retired)
Darwin’s First Theory: Darwin and tectonics? Who knew?

Shelby Bensi, University of Maryland
Working across disciplines to improve resilience to natural hazards

Meeting flyer – Consider printing this out & posting it at your institution.

Beverages and socializing commence at 7:30pm.
The formal program starts at 8:00pm.
Meetings are open to the public; please join us!

We meet in the John Wesley Powell Auditorium of the Cosmos Club,
2170 Florida Avenue NW, Washington DC 20008.

Entrance is through the club gate, the first right-hand entrance on Florida Avenue north of the intersection with Massachusetts Avenue NW. The auditorium entrance is to the left of the gate. The Powell Auditorium is within walking distance of the DuPont Circle Metro stop (Q Street exit), the Connecticut Avenue bus routes (L2, L4), and the Massachusetts Avenue bus routes (N2, N4).

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