UMD: Brandon on Martian Shergottite meterorites

University of Maryland 2018 Geology Colloquium Series

Friday, September 7th 2018 at 3:00 pm in PLS 1130

Alan Brandon
University of Houston

Constraints on Crustal Contamination of Martian Shergottite Magmas

For 3 decades, a debate over whether shergottite meteorites with incompatible trace element enriched compositions were the result of crustal contamination while their parent magmas migrated to the surface or instead represent a mantle source in Mars, has not been resolved.  There is now enough compositional data for shergottites to model the process of crustal contamination of possible parent magmas in order to resolve this debate.  This talk will present the results of these models with implications to the origins of shergottite magmas in Mars.

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